Terms of Use

Numiverzum.com is a free and open site. There is no sign up required. All is free. The terms of use of work and services from www.numiverzum.com are meant to define how you can fully utilize our work and/or services and at the same time shield us from any abuse of our property.

general info

All work is provided AS IS. Work, such as:web templates,wallpapers or applications,scripts and any other related material hosted on this site from other websites have been tested for functionality,validity and cleanness. All work made by www.numiverzum.com is given to you free AS IS under specific conditions and can NOT be alienated by any entity,

The "work" of www.numiverzum encompasses "templates for production of websites in HTML,HTML5,XHTML,PHP,CSS3,jQuery" and "wallpapers". The templates with all the accompanying files are published and presented online AS IS. You are given the rights to use them for any purpose,excluded are those activities regarded as illegal. For non-profit or profit alike, without having to pay any fee to www.numiverzum.com. Nor are you in obligation to link back to www.numiverzum.com. Only exclusion is that you must NOT remove the attribution "Design by numiverzum.com" or any other attribution in textual form in which the name "www.numiverzum.com" or "numiverzum.com" is present. You may NOT claim the templates as your own.

The wallpapers - served as "numbers&code" wallpapers. You may use them as background image on your computer. You may re-distribute them in an unchanged form on your website as a means to enrich your website's offer of wallpapers. You may NOT claim them as your own work.

www.numiverzum.com strives to accomplish safe download of all our files.Clean files in terms of harmlessness of every existing file that reside on our server and from which you download it/them onto your computer.

This is done by running the files through a multiple anti-virus scan engine. This method we use enables a high effectivity rate of clean files. In spite of the high rate of effectiveness, we can NOT guarantee you 100% harmlessness as we do not know of any existing solution that is capable to guarantee just that.


- You acknowledge that we don not provide warranty as to the accuracy,timeliness,performance,completness of the information and/or material found on this site.

- You acknowledge not to hold us liable from any direct,indirect,incidental,special or consequential damages that result from the use, or inability to use any of our free service and resource(s) in whatever technical form they appear.

- You acknowledge that we don not assume any control over third-party sites, we do not endorse, nor can we be held responsible for the content found on these sites.

- You acknowledge that by following our terms of use and guidelines regarding our free services is in your best interest.

change of terms

www.numiverzum.com reserves the right to alter these terms at its sole discretion.