HTML Playing cards symbols

Ace of spades
HTML code:🂡
Two of spades
HTML code:🂢
Three of spades
HTML code:🂣
Four of spades
HTML code:🂤
Five of spades
HTML code:🂥
Six of spades
HTML code:🂦
Seven of spades
HTML code:🂧
Eight of spades
HTML code:🂨
Nine of spades
HTML code:🂩
Ten of spades
HTML code:🂪
Jack of spades
HTML code:🂫
Knight of spades
HTML code:🂬
Queen of spades
HTML code:🂭
King of spades
HTML code:🂮
Ace of hearts
HTML code:🂱
Two of hearts
HTML code:🂲
Three of hearts
HTML code:🂳
Four of hearts
HTML code:🂴
Five of hearts
HTML code:🂵
Six of hearts
HTML code:🂶
Seven of hearts
HTML code:🂷
Eight of hearts
HTML code:🂸
Nine of hearts
HTML code:🂹
Ten of hearts
HTML code:🂺
Jack of hearts
HTML code:🂻
Knight of hearts
HTML code:🂼
Queen of hearts
HTML code:🂽
King of hearts
HTML code:🂾
Red joker
HTML code:🂿
Ace of diamonds
HTML code:🃁
Two of diamonds
HTML code:🃂
Three of diamonds
HTML code:🃃
Four of diamonds
HTML code:🃄
Five of diamonds
HTML code:🃅
Six of diamonds
HTML code:🃆
Seven of diamonds
HTML code:🃇
Eights of diamonds
HTML code:🃈
Nine of diamonds
HTML code:🃉
Ten of diamonds
HTML code:🃊
Ten of diamonds
HTML code:🃊
Jack of diamonds
HTML code:🃋
Knight of diamonds
HTML code:🃌
Queen of diamonds
HTML code:🃍
King of diamonds
HTML code:🃎
Black joker
HTML code:🃏
Ace of clubs
HTML code:🃑
Ace of clubs
HTML code:🃑
Two of clubs
HTML code:🃒
Three of clubs
HTML code:🃓
Four of clubs
HTML code:🃔
Five of clubs
HTML code:🃕
Six of clubs
HTML code:🃖
Seven of clubs
HTML code:🃗
Eight of clubs
HTML code:🃘
Nine of clubs
HTML code:🃙
Ten of clubs
HTML code:🃚
Jack of clubs
HTML code:🃛
Knight of clubs
HTML code:🃜
Queen of clubs
HTML code:🃝
King of clubs
HTML code:🃞
White joker
HTML code:🃟